I am a writer, activist and ecoist. I enjoy simple things such as doing yoga or reading a good book with a nice cup of coffee.        I also love traveling and going on big adventures with  Steve.

I am on a mission to inspire people to embrace a nature-loving, purpose-driven life. I truly believe that having a minimalist, sustainable lifestyle can help us achieve both personal and environmental wellness. 



I created this blog to share my journey of learning and healing as I embrace the ecoist lifestyle. This is the space where I speak my heart and share my life, hoping to inspire you to live with less and live the life you truly love while protecting the planet we live in.


Choosing an ecoist lifestyle means choosing to create a healthy, well balanced lifestyle that emphasizes the importance of both personal and the environmental wellness.



An ecoist lifestyle is a purpose-driven way of life that focuses on having:

  • less obligation and more freedom

  • less frustration and more joy

  • less anxiety and more peace of mind

  • zero clutter and more space

  • zero debt and more wealth

  • zero stress and more health

  • zero waste and a cleaner environment

  • zero pollution and a healthier planet

  • zero hate and more love


Wouldn't it be so nice if we all live a life that we truly love? Wouldn't it be so nice if we share that kind of life with everyone?




Many of us are dealing with debt, cluttered homes, broken relationships, stressful jobs or even just trying to figure out how to get by in this chaotic world we live in. Quite overwhelming and frustrating, right? I know how you feel. I’ve been there.


I’ve spent all my life working hard to earn money so that I could buy lots of things and please the people around me. I always wanted more and I thought I needed more stuff to be happy, but eventually I realized that the more material possessions I own, the more unhappy, tired, stressed and sick I was.


I unintentionally started my journey into a minimalist lifestyle during one of the lowest points of my life.


Things were not going well for me at that time.


I quit both my fulltime government job and a part-time job. I started a business and failed. I abandoned (fake) friendships and ended relationships.

I had a big mortgage and a big closet – and yeah, I was broke and miserable!


I was drained financially, physically and emotionally. I made a lot of mistakes. I was stuck in a rut.


I was a complete mess.


Around the same time I realized that my mortgage, credit card debts, personal belongings and a closet full of clothing were literally weighing me down. So I decided to sell my house and other stuff, and then rented a smaller place to live in. 

I found another job and even started a small home business. Thankfully, I found a way to address my difficult debt situation.


Eventually, things got a little better. I felt that a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! (Thank God!)


In 2016, I met Steve who is a minimalist himself, yet he’s never heard of the term before. 


A very down-to-earth guy who owns a few belongings, Steve is able to enjoy and afford the things that really matter to him.


I’ve been in the process of simplifying my life even before I met him but knowing someone like him has inspired me even more to pursue a simple life.


Since then I became more interested in the concept of minimalism and intentional living and I find it so inspiring to see a lot of people benefiting from it.


Giving up my stuff felt like giving up a burden that’s been weighing me down for so long. I loved how the lightness of less felt. It felt good inside and out. 


Living a life with fewer belongings has given me more joy, clarity, peace of mind, and better experiences and opportunities.

Living with less eliminates the unnecessary, allowing me to focus on more important things such as family, health and passion.

My desire to pursue a simpler lifestyle  has given me more clarity, focus and a lot of realizations. This 'rude awakening' made me realize the important connection of intentional living to sustainability and environmental protection. 

I realized that it is not enough to be a minimalist. We must also be a good steward and protector of nature.


The health of oneself is the health of nature - and vice versa.


That is why I choose to be an ecoist - someone that chooses to create a healthy, well balanced lifestyle that emphasizes the importance of both personal and the environmental wellness.

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